Turn Dreams into Reality with Planning

Dreams — we all have them. And these aren’t the ones which take place during REM sleep. We’re talking about goals and hopes we want to achieve during our finite times on Earth. Or, perhaps, turning those finite times into infinite legacies for friends and family. Some dreams are small — financial stability for a family or the ability not to worry about money. Others are bigger, such as starting and maintaining a business. Regardless, these dreams tend to be in your thoughts almost every day with hopes they become reality at some point.

Well, they certainly won’t become reality by thinking about them alone and not doing something about them. Dreams can become reality, as they have for so many people throughout history. The one important thing needed to make this happen — a plan. Put a plan together with a timetable, and you’ll be surprised at how fast your dreams solidifies.

Will it be seamless or successful right off the bat? Maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on how well you plan and how hard you work to make it happen. Actually, the second part of the previous sentence is most important, because even the most perfect plan will fail if the work isn’t put into it. Take an annual event as an example.

Each November, thousands of new and seasoned writers compete in National Novel Writing Month — NaNoWriMo for short. The challenge — complete a 50,000 word manuscript in the 30 days of the month. There’s no cash prize or publishing contract at the end of the competition. Instead, there’s a feeling of grand accomplishment. Those who finish their manuscripts ahead of time tend to plan during the weeks before November 1, clearing their schedules and opening spaces of time to write at least 1700 words a day. The ones who don’t make it tend to fly by the seat of their pants, making time where they can.

So a plan is what you need, even thought you’ve lived without one for so many years. Here are few things to consider in your plan.

1. Be financially prepared. Of course, a budget is the best way to set yourself up. Not only does it tell you how much you have it also gives you a sense of where you need to be financially.

2. Your couch is your enemy. Turn your dreams into reality away from the one piece of furniture which can shut it down. Plant yourself on its soft cushions and feel your energy quickly dissipate as you reach for the television remote.

3. Make the time to make your dreams come true. Like those who compete in NaNoWriMo you also need to open up time to solidify your dreams. No need to open up whole swaths of hours to do so, unless you have the ability. Even an hour a day committed to the project will help you accomplish your goals.

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