Budgeting Wins: What You’re Doing Right When it Comes to Budgets

Watch a news program or read a post on social media and you’ll realize the world is full of negative folks. We’re not talking about those who have a grumpy slump once in a while and go negative. We’re talking about folks who can find the smallest negative thing about you in the greatest achievement in your life. In other words, the world is full of very critical parents who feel it’s their job to tell you what’s not right, even if you’re not their child – even with finances, and budgeting.

This certainly puts a damper on your life, particularly if the negativity is connected to your finances. Even though you’re trying your best to correct the damage you made to your bank account, there are still people who say you aren’t doing enough. And this may include people who are actually related to you. The negative attitude, combined with the feelings of dread you already have, can bring you down to a point where you stop taking care of things.

Don’t believe them, because you’re doing plenty of things right. In fact, you’re doing so many things properly the comments by the Negative Nellies in your life will soon be like insect buzzing in your ears as your debt decreases and income goes up. Here are the things you’re doing just fine with.

You’re reading this blog.

Yes, we’re just one of many hundreds of finance blogs out there. And yet, you’ve decided to stick with us in order to gain the financial knowledge needed to get your life back in balance. This also means …

You’ve created a budget.

That’s the most important thing, considering the name of this site is Simple Budget Blog. It doesn’t matter how you’ve done it, but you have a setup describing your expenses and income in various categories. This is much better than looking in your purse or wallet to determine how much money is left to spend in a frivolous manner. By the way, the establishment of the budget also means …

You’ve¬†stabilized¬†your spending habits.

By taking care of the first two items you’ve begun on the road toward leveling out your spending and saving. This means you’re dedicated to putting at least $1,000 in a emergency fund and lining up your debts to pay the smallest first. It also means you’re no longer going out to eat or blowing money on something you really don’t need. It’s a small step, and it make take a good deal of time to get you back on stable financial footing, yet you’ve done some great things to get yourself out of the financial morass sooner than later.

And if that isn’t doing the right thing, then we really don’t know what is. So pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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