Not a Trick nor a Treat: It’s Christmas!

No, your calendar isn’t incorrect, nor is time on your smartphone. Halloween just ended, and Thanksgiving is a few short weeks away. Yet, taking a look at the stores and watching television makes one think Christmas is right around the corner. Well, in today’s society, it is. Actually, the holiday season has probably passed you by.

Even before the costumes and bags of candy have been removed from the shelves, Christmas items have gone up right beside them. Sometimes they merge into each other, which makes the shopping experience even more confusing. And it’s not your imagination that Christmas comes earlier these. Combined, this puts the pressure on you to start shopping for the best deals.

No, it’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas. Fact is, you could probably get everything you need for the next December 25 on the day after the previous one. Rather than rushing from store to mall to online outlet to obtain your gifts a few days before Navidad and maxing out your bank accounts, it’s best to plan way ahead. Of course, this means budgeting out the holiday season from the start. Here are a few things to consider.

Don’t use credit. Let’s capitalize this for significance … DON’T USE CREDIT! Most people sink into a financial hole after the holidays due to the amount of money placed on credit cards for items which may last only a few months at best. Think weeks when it comes to children. Not only is this a physical burden but it can also be a mental one when you receive the enormous bill at the start of January. Should you own credit cards, pretend they don’t exist from November through December. In fact, hide them in an inconvenient place so it takes some time to retrieve them should the urge surface.

Christmas isn’t a surprise. The holiday appears on┬áthe 25th every year … a few weeks later for other religions. Like birthdays, Christmas shouldn’t be a holiday which sneaks up on you. Knowing the people you have to buy for and what they need tends to stay static throughout the year. Which brings us to this …

Buy early. Have some money left over in the Christmas budget? Brave the crowds at the stories on December 26 and shop for deep-discounted items, especially clothing and high-ticket purchases. The stores and online outlets want these items gone from their shelves before the new year in order to show great results for the holiday season. And if you don’t have extra money, thing about putting in a bit more than needed for the next Christmas.

Don’t go crazy. There’s no rule saying you have to wait until the holidays to buy the items wanted by your friends and family. It’s better to space these purchases out during the entire year and then give them a very heartfelt gift at Christmas time. In the end, that’s the crux of the holiday.

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