Simple Ways to Save on Food

With the rising cost of food, everybody is looking for ways to save at the grocery store these days. But finding the best deals often seems like a daunting task and we go for what is convenient and easy, rather than what is best for our simple budget. By following a few simple tips, saving more than a few dollars on food can be easy.

Meal Plan

If you are not a meal planner, consider becoming one. It’s amazing what kind of dinners can be put together with those forgotten canned goods in the back of the pantry. This will not only save you time in deciding what to make for dinner, but it will identify what needs to be purchased on your next grocery run. If you are into technology, there are many online sites and apps that can help make meal planning a snap.

Make a List

Take the time to make a shopping list. Saving money on groceries does require a little planning, and knowing exactly what is needed in the house will alleviate those impulse purchases.

Shop the Ads

Check your local stores’ weekly ads. If you don’t get the Sunday paper, check the websites. Some stores will send the ads to your email, and some even allow you to receive an ad preview, so you can see the sales for the following week a few days early. Checking the sales gives you opportunity to save and the option to stockpile on the items that you frequently purchase.

Clip Coupons

Taking a quick look through the coupon circulars that come in the mail and in the newspaper could save you big. Only clip coupons for items that you actually buy and try to combine them with sale items whenever possible. Check store websites for additional coupons or eCoupons that you can use with your smartphone.

Enroll in a Frequent Shopper Program

If your grocery store offers a frequent shopper incentive program, sign up. You may be entitled to exclusive deals and offers, more coupons, free groceries, and many other perks.

Avoid Brand Snobbery

Don’t be committed to brands. In most cases, store brands taste just as good and are much cheaper compared to name brand groceries. Shopping at discount stores for staples and frequently purchased items can save you a lot of money.

Be smart, do a little planning, and you will soon see your grocery bill decrease.


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