Get the Most out of Your Refund

Get the most of your tax refund and file at TurboTax without paying anything.

Pay $0 when you file your federal (1040EZ/1040A forms) and state taxes at TurboTax. To take advantage of this offer you’ll need to create a TurboTax account first. You might is there something behind the deal? Absolutely not, you’ll pay $0 guaranteed as long as you file before the offer expires. Don’t think too much and join the millions of people that have saved and filed their taxes for free. To be eligible you must have grossed less than $100,000, not be a homeowner or business owner; or have incurred major medical expenses.

If you qualify TurboTax will file your taxes and offer additional services at a cost that are worth considering. Don’t be left in the dark and get answers to your questions in a one-on-one with a TurboTax specialist. Want to see your completed forms?  Consider enrolling in a 24/7 Tax Return Access to print and have for your tax history record.

Ready to pay Absolute Zero? Let’s start. First you’ll have to pick a selection that corresponds to how you filed your taxes last year. If you filed with a  CPA or accountant, you’ll need to create an account to get access to TurboTax. Now it’s time for Turbotax to get to know you. Introduce yourself and be ready for a very interactive session.

Now it’s time to file. You can drag and drop PDF files to upload your W-2’s and other forms. Or you can enter the information manually, it’s your choice. First determine your marital status and current living situation. Now you’ll need to paint your financial picture. Then you’ll get a recap of forms needed and tax breaks you might qualify for.

It’s your life and money, time to let TurboTax get you the most money back. TurboTax already has basic information about you saved so far. You’ll need to provide more personal information like social security, occupation, claimed dependents and any disability.

The process gets easier once you reach the federal and state sections. Make sure you have all your W2’s and other forms handy to upload them. Start with Federal and enter all sources you get income from. At Deductions and Credits Section you can enter any tax breaks. Whether your taxes are simple or complex you can still get money back. State taxes uses your personal information, money and tax breaks to help you get the most money. Look over your filled forms to make sure there are no discrepancies. If all set you can submit to file your 2017 state and federal taxes.

If you have questions while filing there is a tools section to get  assistance. If you’ve entered something wrong no worries you can clear and start over. You can also delete a form or save your return to your laptop or desktop. Or file an extension if there are parts of your tax forms that are too complex

Now you’re on your way to getting more money in your 2017 State and Federal tax return with the help of TurboTax.

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