Budget Vacations: Budgeting Your Trip to…Costa Rica

One of the most beautiful and friendly countries in Central America is Costa Rica. Situated between Nicaragua and Panama, the nation is bordered between the warm waters of the Caribbean and the Pacific and features volcanoes, beaches, rain forests and cloud forests. It’s constant goal to strive for peace with the environment has made it one of the more peaceful and prosperous nations in Central America.

It is also a tourist mecca. In 2013 Costa Rica reached a milestone of over 2.4 million visitors, an increase of over 15 percent in the last four years. You can be one of the people who visit this tropical preserve. All you need to do is prepare the necessary budgets for transportation, accommodations and, due to the weather, clothing. Here are some tips to help you get started.


You’re going to need a passport┬ábefore you even purchase a plane ticket. For those who have never taken on such as task, don’t fret about the cost. The┬áprice of a passport is around $100 for adults and $80 for children. Throw in a few extra dollars for passport photos and if you need fast delivery — passports take about two to four weeks to ship. Check to see if your local government office offers passport registration capabilities. This type of office may also have the ability to take photos as well.


Like any other tourist area, Costa Rica has its high and low seasons. However, due to its closeness to the equator, its winter and summer seasons are somewhat reversed, meaning the dry time is December thru April while the wet, wintry season is May thru November. Still, there is no bad time to visit Costa Rica, which is why airline prices range from $300 to $700 round trip depending on from what city you fly from and whether or not it’s a non-stop. Consult with a travel agent or online travel website for more information.

When it comes to traipsing around Costa Rica after arrival, consult with national rental car companies to see if they work in Costa Rica. Rates can be incredibly inexpensive depending on the type of vehicle rented. For example, a sub-compact can run around $55 per week while a pick-up truck can cost somewhere in the vicinity of $400. Review your destinations and the terrain you’ll be traveling in order to determine the best course of action.


What you have in your closet now may not work in the mild to sweltering environments of Costa Rica, no matter what time of year you visit. Days average in the mid-eighties to low-nineties during most of the year, which means you’ll need plenty of light cotton-based clothing to walk around in. During the wetter months the temperatures hover in the 90s with a good deal of sun-driven humidity throughout the day. This means purchasing items you can sweat through during the day and wash at a later time or dispose of. In addition, for those traveling through the cloud and rain forests, comfortable and durable shoes are recommended.

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