How to Get the Most Out of Your Disneyland Vacation

A trip to Disneyland and its sister California Adventure park in California is not cheap even for the smallest family. Tickets alone for a family of four can cost well over a thousand dollars for multi-day passes which allow you to jump from one park to another. Add transportation, food, lodging, and souvenirs and what was destined to be a relaxing trip can be turn out to be a stressful one for you and your budget.Continue Reading

Budget Basics 101: Why should you pay off debt first and invest later?

One of the biggest questions that comes up with new budgeters is the concept of debt versus investment. Many people do both, even when the financial situation is less than perfect. For example, individuals may have thousands of dollars of debt while maxing out their 401(k) programs at the same time.Continue Reading

Budget Basics 101: Why You Shouldn’t Use Credit Cards

We’re moving ahead with our series of budget basics with a discussion on one of the reasons numerous folks are in precarious financial situations — credit cards. A good idea at first for many people, credit cards become an albatross which hangs on the necks of individuals for months or years, with balances going down in minuscule steps while interest rates take giant leaps upward.Continue Reading

Budget Basics 101: Why should you pay the smallest debt first?

Okay, you’ve set up your budget and worked incredibly hard to produce one to two thousand dollars in an emergency fund which you have marked DO NOT TOUCH. You’re ready to move on to the next budgeting basic — paying off debt. Let’s face it, the reason many folks look to create a budget is to get a visual picture of their financial situation. In numerous cases, once they input the numbers into a spreadsheet or accounting program they find a less-than-agreeable monetary environment.Continue Reading

Budget Basics 101: Why do you need an emergency fund?

Over the next few weeks or months we’re going to break down the process of budgeting into a series of questions many newcomers to the process tend to ask at one time or another. They aren’t silly questions because, as we all know, there are know silly questions. In fact, many of the queries we’ll answer in Budget Basics 101 are very common concerns to those with financial strife. Without solid answers and the reasons for them, budget newbies may set up an improper budget or give up altogether.Continue Reading