Why You Should Budget Your Groceries

There are plenty of categories that should be standard in a household budget. These include mortgage or rent payments, fuel or transportation and utilities. Without a category to keep track of these items someone could be kicked out of their residence, not be able to get anywhere and possibly have their water or electricity turned off. Another item that needs a mandatory place in the budget is groceries. Yet, sometimes this is left out.Continue Reading

Ensuring My Retirement | 3 Ways To Make Sure Your Retirement Fund Is Ample

Are you one of those people? One of those people that have been paying into your retirement fund, diligently, year after year, basically just “hoping” that, when it comes down to it, you will have the ample assets necessary to sustain your comfortable lifestyle for the rest of your life? Do you have the necessary assets (stocks, annuities, life insurance, bonds, cash, etc.) to meet, maintain and ultimately sustain your lifetime’s financial goals?Continue Reading

How to Avoid the Budget Blues

You created a household budget not too long ago, and it’s gone pretty well. You, or you and your partner, participated in regular meetings on how to adjust various categories and discussed what should and shouldn’t be added. You’re pretty satisfied at its progress. And yet you feel something cloudy settling inside your brain. It’s the budget blues.Continue Reading

How to Be Creative on a Budget

We all have a creative streak in us, be it the ability to write stories, make beautiful art or perform in front of an audience. For some of us, the urge to be creative is the compelling force to quit our day jobs and commit ourselves to our craft full-time. Unfortunately, making our craft pay for itself costs a bit of money at the beginning. The goal is to not let it cost a lot of money.Continue Reading

Yet More Ways To Reduce Your Grocery Budget

One would think that we couldn’t come up with any more ideas to reduce your grocery budget. Of course, one would be incorrect, because as prices go up we all need to figure out ways of getting the most for the money we budget. The good news on the matter of groceries is there are more things to do these days other than clip coupons and look for sales. In fact, some of these suggestions may have individuals visiting the supermarket less than normal. Here are a few of the items we’re proposing to help you stretch the grocery budget.Continue Reading