Paying Down Debt: How to Earn Extra Money for Your Budget

It can be tough to pay down debt. No matter how much you sacrifice or deduct from your regular payments it doesn’t seem to make a dent in what you owe or allow you to see a light at the end of the tunnel. There have been thoughts of taking a second job, yet your current work and family schedules aren’t flexible enough to make it happen. Which means you sigh, throw up your hands, and either continue to make small indents into the debt or give up entirely.Continue Reading

The Envelope System: How to Make Your Cash Visible Again

We’ve discussed numerous avenues an individual could take in order to establish and maintain a working household budget. Someone could do it via paper ledger, computer spreadsheet or software program. They can break their categories down by generalizations or get into the minutiae do describe even the most minor of expenses. They even have the option of budgeting on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. There’s also the envelope system.Continue Reading

Camping Out: What is Needed to Budget an Outside Adventure

Camping is no longer popping up a simple canvas tent, roasting marshmallows over the fire and snuggling in your sleeping bag while the sounds of the forest and the stars in the sky lull you to sleep. These days it can be an even more entertaining experience with many comforts of home or it can include such events as boating, fishing and hiking across the beautiful landscape. Those who live and eat camping probably have everything they need to spend a few nights or longer in the backcountry, away from anything remotely resembling civilization. And then there’s you — the inexperienced outdoorsman.Continue Reading

Budgeting Blunders: Curing the “I Have It” Syndrome

You want to be financially secure, out of debt and prepared for any emergency that comes down the pike. You’ve read sites like this and listened to Suzie Orman and Dave Ramsey to get an idea of what you want to do. You even have detailed sample budgeting ready to show your spouse or roommate that can help you reduce debt and save money. In your opinion it’s a win-win situation.
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Opportunities for Accountants in the Job Market

Job search is a very important step that, sooner or later, every person will have to face. If you are facing it now, we are ready to help you with it. Whoever you want to work, be sure that you will find your place in the labor market. After graduating in any specialty, everyone hopes to find not just a suitable place to work, but a job with a decent salary. Accountants are no exception.Continue Reading