Powering Up Your Home Budget

Everything runs with some form of energy. For vehicles it’s some type of fossil fuel, for homes it’s electricity via power plant, solar or wind, and humans increase their energy via sleep, exercise and proper eating. Finances also need energy in order to survive and work for the owner. Sometimes this requires an influx of cash while situations look for a budget to help stabilize monetary problems and create a sustainable environment that helps pay off debt and prepare investors for a comfortable future.Continue Reading

How to Map a Successful Future with Budgeting

Live in the now is an overly used quote in today’s society. In one way it tells people to experience every day like it’s the last one, don’t sweat the small stuff and stop to smell the roses. This is good advice for many and should be adhered to in order to live a long and healthy life.Continue Reading

Budget Boost: Sell or Swap Your Stuff to Help Your Budget

Let’s talk about your stuff. Come on, don’t deny it. Your area is chock full of items you no longer use. How about those DVDs and CDs that cause your shelves to creak? Or all those comic books that are taking up space in your garage? And those baby toys — well, there’s no need to keep them now that your children are in middle school. They’re just taking up space in your place when they could be making you money or at least being traded for something needed.Continue Reading

eDating: How to Budget Online Relationships

America is a nation looking for love, or at least like. According to recent statistics, there are approximately 54 million people who declare themselves as single. Forty-one million of those, over 75 percent, have tried a online dating site. What? You haven’t heard of online dating?Continue Reading

Your Spending Philosophy

Everyone has a philosophy, be it on politics, religion or life in general. Instead of being existential in nature, a person’s individual philosophy is more like a set of internal guidelines they follow and, sometimes to the angst of others, spout to whomever is in within earshot. In many cases a philosophy can help manage a marriage, family or job. And it certainly helps to maintain sanity when it comes to finances.Continue Reading