Taxes 2015: Which Way is the Best for You?

The New Year means more than just wiping the slate clean or designing resolutions. It also means preparations should be underway to file your 2014 federal taxes. Barring any unforeseen circumstances within the IRS or Congress, filing season begins promptly at midnight on January 20th. This doesn’t give you much time to prep all your paperwork, especially when employers and financial institutions don’t send out their tax forms until the end of the month.Continue Reading

Happy New Year! Start Planning for Spring Break

Okay, you’ve barely taken down the Christmas lights from the gutters and you’re huffing at planning a budget for your Spring Break. You say you have plenty of time to put money away for you or your family for a getaway. Are you sure about this?Continue Reading

1, 2, 3, 4. Create Four Steps to Budget More

The new year is a time to make a fresh start in your life, to wash away the mistakes made the previous year. It a period where you stop lingering over the bad decisions you made in the previous 12 months and start thinking about all the positive decisions you will make in the next twelve. In the world of home finance, this means forgetting all the stuff which hurt you in the previous year and begin with a clean slate. It’s time to make some steps in the right direction.Continue Reading

Budgeting Wins: What You’re Doing Right When it Comes to Budgets

Watch a news program or read a post on social media and you’ll realize the world is full of negative folks. We’re not talking about those who have a grumpy slump once in a while and go negative. We’re talking about folks who can find the smallest negative thing about you in the greatest achievement in your life. In other words, the world is full of very critical parents who feel it’s their job to tell you what’s not right, even if you’re not their child.Continue Reading

Turn Dreams into Reality with Planning

Dreams — we all have them. And these aren’t the ones which take place during REM sleep. We’re talking about goals and hopes we want to achieve during our finite times on Earth. Or, perhaps, turning those finite times into infinite legacies for friends and family. Some dreams are small — financial stability for a family or the ability not to worry about money. Others are bigger, such as starting and maintaining a business. Regardless, these dreams tend to be in your thoughts almost every day with hopes they become reality at some point.Continue Reading